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About Irish Franchising Skillnet


The Irish Franchising Skillnet was launched in 2008 and is the training network for those involved in the Franchise sector in Ireland and is funded by member companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

It offers access to training under themes such as In house training, Open Programmes, Development of Open Programmes and Certified Accredited Programmes and access to specialist trainers to the Sector who have been openly procured.

Advantages of Training in the Network Context:

  • More flexible – training will be delivered at a time that suits members
  • More accessible – training provided near or at company sites
  • More informed – companies learn from each other
  • More useful – training that is developed and directly aligned to the company needs and business strategies
  • More beneficial – companies in the Network share ideas, receive new information, develop new relationships with peers and promote best practice in the industry.

Irish Franchising Skillnet Objectives

  1. Ensure the continued growth of franchising capacity and capability in Ireland through working with existing and potential businesses to up skill employees, potential franchisors and potential franchisees through the training medium and examine the impact on Business Improvement using tangible measures.
  2. To support the competitiveness of Franchising business in Ireland through delivering required training initiatives,
  3. To develop a programme to promote franchising to those who are unemployed and have investment capital available as a means of starting their own business or alternatively to assist in finding employment within a franchise organisation.
  4. To support Franchisors and Master Franchisors up skill their employees, franchisees and franchisees employees through developing appropriate training initiatives.
  5. To promote a training forum where current and potential Franchisors and Master franchisors can share supplier knowledge and network amongst themselves hence increase their own brand awareness simultaneously
  6. The Networks will assist in the development and measurement of Franchising expertise and capability of Irish owned Franchises.
  7. To conduct “training needs analysis” to determine the most appropriate training requirements across the franchise sector.

Franchising as a business concept is now well established in the Irish Commercial sector. An increasing number of Irish entrepreneurs are now looking at franchising as a suitable strategy to scale their businesses both domestically and internationally. It provides them with the unique opportunity to grow their business yet maintain a tight control on the delivery of the business model and the customer offer locally. Other entrepreneurial individuals who may be looking for an opportunity to start their own business, having been made redundant or looking to re establish themselves are also viewing franchising as an ideal way of getting started.

They can do so through purchasing the Master franchise for an international concept and establishing a network of successful franchisees locally or alternatively as many people do simply purchase a single unit/multi unit franchise opportunity within a defined territory within the domestic market. The success of franchising boasts that more than 90% of business format franchises have proven to be successful after five years as against less than fifty percent of standalone start ups. The franchise model has proven to be very robust despite difficult trading conditions and provides an excellent vehicle for individuals “to be in business for themselves but not by themselves”.



If you would like to find out more about skillnet please contact us today:


Irish Franchise Association

c/o Kandoy House

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Training Courses


The Irish Franchising Skillnet are running a FREE certified training course in Retail Management which will offer jobseekers an insider’s view of one of Ireland’s fastest growing business sectors.

The program offers modules in Finance, Customer Relations, Retail Operations and People Management & Development. Graduates of this course will have the qualifications and competencies necessary to make a real impact in businesses.

This course would be of great interest to those receiving the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance in particular, but all jobseekers are welcome to attend.


When: Dates to be confirmed

Duration: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday each week over 5 weeks

Where: Drury Court Hotel, Central Dublin

Entry: FREE


Eligibility criteria for the course can be found at:


If interested, please contact: 01 291 1960 or e-mail







At the beginning of this new year, we’d like to thank all of our current members for sharing their training plans and skill goals with us during 2017. We will put this knowledge to good use and will continue to support your training and development needs during the year ahead.  In the last year we saved Irish companies over €110,000 on their training costs, and hope to contribute even more to the sector in 2018.

We’d also like to remind potential network members of the importance, particularly in the current economic climate, of maximising and developing individual’s talents within their businesses. According to Skillnets Chairman Brendan McGinty, “The full implications of Brexit will take some time to be completely identified, and developing appropriate strategies to respond to Brexit is of course both complex and multi-faceted. However, a greater investment in the up-skilling of our enterprise leaders and employees is surely a central component of our response. Moderating the impact of Brexit on Irish firms, particularly SMEs, will be a priority over the coming years”. Through our open courses and specific training plans, the Irish Franchising Skillnet will continue to guide SME’s through this time.

In 2017 the Irish Franchising Skillnet worked with 252 companies to upskill and reskill employees at all levels. We provided training to over 1000 individuals and offered certified courses to over 20 jobseekers. The Irish Franchising Skillnet has developed a huge range of experience in addressing the skills demands of the sector, and is ideally placed to guide franchise businesses through the coming years.

If you are a company employee or business owner and would like to discuss accessing 20% funding on your training costs the Irish Franchising Skillnet can offer you in 2018 and beyond, get in touch with us at or call 01 291 1960.




Siobhan O’ Callaghan

Network Manager


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