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Why Bricks 4 Kidz?
Bricks 4 Kidz is the world’s leading franchise which is operating within the emerging educational play sector. We teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to 3-16 using LEGO®. We deliver an unparalleled level of training and support to franchise partners to assist them in growing a scalable, successful business. No prior childcare or educational experience is required to operate this franchise. We provide ongoing support across all areas of your business, which include; management, finance, operations and marketing.
Growing Industry
LEGO® is the most powerful brand in the world and is acknowledged as a leading STEM based educational tool. This, combined with the government’s commitment to promoting STEM education across all levels, proves that Bricks 4 Kidz franchise partners are participating in a growing industry.  
Flexible Working Arrangements
Bricks 4 Kidz franchisees have the flexibility to arrange their day to meet the needs of their family and lifestyle. Tutors are employed on a temporary part-time basis to run the daily activities while you focus on building relationships with relevant stakeholders.  
Year Round Income
Having developed a comprehensive range of over 20 income streams which are delivered throughout the calendar year, Bricks 4 Kidz is a scalable business that can generate a year-round income.   Income streams include after-school classes, in-school workshops, birthday parties, holiday camps, family entertainment and many more. Bricks 4 Kidz continually develops new models builds to reflect the prevailing trends in children’s entertainment, ensuring the offering always remains fresh. Themed content includes Minecraft, Superheroes, Ninjago, Star Wars and Toy Story to name but a few.  
Efficient Recruitment and Training Processes
It is easy to recruit staff to deliver the Bricks 4 Kidz activities and there are very short lead in times required for staff training.  
The extensive range of revenue streams, coupled with the repeat business which is generated from the customer base, means that there are significant opportunities for you to scale the business in any territory.
There are a number of funding options for Bricks 4 Kidz franchisees including the main pillar banks, credit unions and Micro Finance Ireland. Another option is the government fund called: Start-up Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE) under this fund you may be able to claim back a portion of the tax you have paid over the previous 6 years to go towards your capital investment.  
This business opportunity requires a low level of start-up capital unlike any other business of its size and earning potential. The franchise fees start from 30,000 +vat and it is recommended that you have access to an additional 10,000 - €15,000 to start your business. Start building your Bricks 4 Kidz business today, contact Peter on 01 485 1166 or


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