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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


The declared objective of the Irish Franchise Association is to protect and further the interests of properly constructed franchising companies and by these means to establish and maintain a clear definition of ethical franchising standards to assist members of the public, press, potential investors and government bodies in differentiating between sound business opportunities and any suspect investment. In consequence of these aims, a code of ethics and strict criteria for membership have been produced, both of which are designed, amongst other things, to ensure that the franchisee is offered a viable business opportunity.

The Irish Franchise Association’s Code of Ethical Conduct in franchising takes as its foundation the Code developed by the European Franchise Federation. In adopting the code, the Federation recognised that national requirements may necessitate certain other clauses or provisions and delegated responsibility for the presentation and implementation of the Code in their own country to individual member National Franchise Associations.

The extension and interpretation which follows the European Code has been adopted by the Irish Franchise Association, the British Franchise Association, and agreed by the European Franchise Federation, for the application of the European Code of Ethics for Franchising by each Association within Ireland, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

This European Code of Ethics is meant to be a practical ensemble of essential provisions of fair behaviour for franchise practitioners, both franchisors and franchisees, in Europe, but not to replace possibly related national or EC law.